What Is home health care?

Home Health Care is a way to provide an individual with follow-up care after hospitalization, a change in medical condition, or post-rehabilitation. The best way to recover is in your own home with family and friends available for assistance.


What is the goal of home health care?

The goal of Sunshine Home Health Care is multi-faceted, depending on an individuals needs.

• Teach new or changed medications
• Surgical and non-surgical wound care
• Diabetic teaching with Certified RN
• Pain assessment and interventions
• Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy
• Community resources
• Provide medical equipment
• Disease management and education

Why choose Sunshine Home Health Care?

We value and emphasize diversity and the importance of providing a licensed professional that meets the specialized needs of each and every patient. We make a concerned effort to match cultural or personalized needs for each patient under our plan of care.